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Athenaeum Summer School

The Safekeeping of Memory

The Contribution of Visual and Performing Arts to the Custody of the Self

25 – 29 September 2017 – University of Pavia


A project by Center of Research Self Media Lab Writings Performance Technologies of the Self

Co-funded by PRIN 2015 Per-formare il sociale: formazione, cura e inclusione sociale attraverso il teatro [Supervisor: Fabrizio Fiaschini]

Memory is arranged in specific places to be preserved in the form of objects, images, signs. Then, memory itself inspects these objects, images and signs through the gaze and the gesture of an uncertain body Finally, memory returns to that body both a gaze oriented to someone and a gesture of recognition

The Safekeeping of Memory Summer School proposes a week-long series of dialogues with filmmakers, visual artists and performers who have developed through their work different restitution processes of individual and collective memory. Activities such as a Performing Lab (Theatrical Genogram) and a Visual Lab (Documentary Atelier) will be included in the offering of lectures and workshops, with the aim to promotea reciprocal exchange of artistic experiences and study.




Info: selfmedialab@gmail.com